I’m a 34 year old freelance multimedia designer from Amsterdam. I’ve worked as a freelance designer since 2010. Until then, I have worked as an allround designer and animator for a gamecompany and before that as a designer (print/web/graphics) at television broadcast company SBS.

The companies couldn’t be more different. The one, a small, dedicated team working on games and the other, a large company focussed on television. Thanks to the various work I’ve done at these companies and the freelance assignments, I’m now an experienced multi-media designer.

Applications I work with:
Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, C4D, After Effects and Premiere.

I’m skilled in HTML and CSS, and know some PHP. I use Sublime for programming.

Reliable network

I have a reliable and skilled network of freelancers and companies that can assist me when it comes to related work such as development and hosting solutions.

Clients / brands

These are some of the clients and brands I’ve had the pleasure to work for: XS4ALL, Suitsupply, DHL, Peugeot, Dance Valley, SBS6, Veronica, Net5, Greenpeace

Awesome things

I like my work but I also enjoy sports, movies/series, games, internet and travel. It’s actually not very relevant but I had this bit of space to fill. So.. yeah.. refrigerator.